Ready Built Factory 5

RBF5 is strategically located within the central grid of KKIP, which targets for small to medium scale manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and other compatible activities. RBF5 offers ready-to-function individual factories to facilitate immediate start up for companies.

A strategic location, a stable electricity supply, an efficient layout coupled with facilities and services help enable business, manufacturing and other types of operations to build a hassle-free and stable business over the long term. Our factories are available in various sizes depending on the company' business scale so a best to cater to their particular needs.

Now Open for Sale

Ready Built Factory Phase 5 (RBF 5)

Ready Built Factory Phase 5 (RBF 5) Phase 1

  • Detached Type A

    Land Area From: 12,835 - 16,587 sq. ft
    Build Up Area: 6,343 sq. ft
    Selling price: RM4,136,340 - RM5,178,755
    Total Unit: 6
  • Detached Type A1

    Land Area From: 10,268 - 12,960 sq. ft
    Build Up Area: 4,694 sq. ft.
    Selling price: RM3,310,290 - RM3,668,012
    Total Unit: 2

  • Semi-Detached Type B

    Land Area From: 9,203 sq. ft
    Build Up Area: 5,065 sq. ft
    Selling price: RM3,051,456 - RM3,212,059
    Total Unit: 6
  • Semi-Detached Type B2

    Land Area From: 7,362 sq. ft
    Build Up Area: 3,725 sq. ft.
    Selling price: RM2,309,885 - RM2,431,458
    Total Unit: 12

Ready Built Factory Phase 4 (RBF 4)

  • Detached

    Land Area From: 12,793 s.f
    Build Up Area: 5,177 s.f
    Total Unit: 9
  • Semi-Detached

    Land Area From: 9,172 s.f
    Build Up Area: 4,057 s.f
    Total Unit: 18
  • Cluster

    Land Area From: 2,938 s.f
    Build Up Area: 3,476 s.f
    Total Unit: 26

Building Specification     (subject to change)

  • Structure

    Reinforced Concrete/Mild Steel Frame

  • Staircase

    Reinforced Concrete Structure

  • Walls

    Brickwall/Metal Wall Cladding

  • Wall Finishes

    External WallsCement Plaster with Weather Resistant Paint

    Internal WallsCement Plaster with Emulsion Paint
    Toilet2.0m Height Ceramic Tiles
  • Roof

    Metal Roofing Sheets

  • Ceiling

    Skim Coat & Emulsion to Ground Floor, Class 'O' Suspended Ceiling

    Internal Skim Coat & Emulsion to 1st Floor
    External Metal Ceiling to Foyer, Other Cement Plaster with Weather Resistant Paint
  • Floor Finishes

    Foyer, Toilet: Tiles, Others: Cement Render

  • Doors

    Roller Shutter, Aluminum Glazed Door, Louvered Door, Waterproof Plywood, Flush Door with Quality Lockset

  • Windows


  • Sanitary & Plumbing Installation

    Local Made Quality Sanitary Fittings

  • Electrical Installation

    All electrical wiring to be concealedconduit to SESB/KKIP Power

    Standard light, fittings excluded

  • Others

    All items mentioned are subject to variations, modifications and substitutions to their equivalent standard or as imposed by the appropriate authorities


  • 7 KM from Sepangar Bay Container Port Terminal
  • Reliable Electricity and Water Supply
  • Ready Access Road
  • Well-Planned Drainage System
  • Underground Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Suitable & Compatible for General Industries
    (Subject to DOE's approval)

Suitable Industries

  • Food/Warehoussing
  • Food & Beverages, Confectionaries,
    Culinary Products, Dairy Products,
    Raw Materials, FMCG (Food)
  • General SME
  • General Small & Medium Industries,
    General Warehousing,
    Automotive Repair & Servicing

Ready Built Factory Phase 3 (RBF 3)

  • Detached

    Land Area From: 12,603 s.f - 20,933 s.f
    Build Up Area: 4,602 s.f - 6,400 s.f
    Total Unit: 10
  • Semi-Detached

    Land Area From: 8,071 s.f - 10,945 s.f
    Build Up Area: 3,723 s.f - 3,984 s.f
    Total Unit: 26    Sold: 22    For Lease: 4